i am!! i am so excited to start a new commitment to myself and my work. i can't wait to share it all. being able to incorporate all the things i love together suddenly seems tangible and extremely liberating. the commitment to get up everyday and write & share & relish is so damn exciting. i am excited to re-brand, to take ownership, to test limits, to push myself, to explore new territories. i think i sound like a new divorcee. i'm okay with that! 

what's ON TAP this week: 

+ 2nd Callback for WEST SIDE STORY tomorrow night.

+ Continuing the bittersweet breakup of the rabbit hole into a children's theatre school and red lips productions.

+ Planning and producing the red lips and W branding photo shoot to take place. 

+ Re-scheduling the production of BLACKBIRD originally slated for May 2015. unfortunate unavoidable actor drop out calls for a re-programing. i haven't given up hope it will happen this year.

+ Plan fundraising launch party ! 

+ Revisiting my precious "SUBWAY BABY" script… can i make that short film happen this year? methinks I can. time to put the feelers out.. 


and it's already wednesday. GET TO IT! 



photo cred: steven meisel

photo cred: steven meisel