papa don't preach

i think i'm gonna start MADONNA MONDAYS.  (i know it's thursday.. but that just means only 4 days until the next madonna post! maybe it'll just be an instagram thing.) 

flashback to 1989: 4 year old mia at a wedding reception singing every word of "like a prayer" in the middle of the dance floor. i'm sorry, did i say singing? i meant PERFORMING. like, complete with inappropriate sacrilegious dance moves. 

now: this lady has been a inspiration and an icon for me since at least then. i might have come out of my mother's womb writhing and singing "cherish! cherish!" i frequently watch the "truth or dare" documentary when i need a little ambition ass-kick. (it's on netflix! go! now!)

the list goes on, but she currently speaks to me because she is such a fearless bad-ass and a crazily independent business woman, who has essentially lived for her career her whole life. her shows, videos, movies, etc. are beautiful, strategic theatrical experiences. (and she even sites that in the film when the vatican tried to cancel her italian tour dates for the blatant sexuality). 

and we don't even need to get GOING on her fashion. (or do we? maybe we do.)

i am preparing an uptempo pop song for an upcoming audition where i will also be asked to impersonate pop icons. (PLEASE PLEASE LET ME DO MADONNA) and i was thinking about "papa don't preach." it has an air of hilarity around it.. a song begging your father to not disown you for sleeping with the MEGABABE bad boy down the block who he SPECIFICALLY told you would knock you up. and he did. dads are always right. (but watch the video, he forgives her in the end. yay!)  

i'm also going to take THIS energy into my callback tonight. FIERCE!

  so happy madonna monday/sike/thursday and keep those jazz fingers long and parallel pose's high.