artist's date - jessie ware

TONIGHT! i am taking myself on an artist's date (any other julia cameron fans out there? no idea who i am talking about? here:'s_Way and here: ) to see JESSIE WARE! she's playing zellerbach tonight and i am so excited. two years ago when i was in australia, a friend recommended i try going to see some live music alone. i've always been curious about it, since going to see live music always feels like a spiritual experience but one i am slightly distracted on by wondering if my date is ALSO being transformed, having fun, recognizing the genius we are witnessing or thinking i'm a wild woman for "feeling it" so hard. SOOO i'm giving it a shot because i have been dying to see this lady and will hopefully report back positively. i have a fabulous dress to help the experiment to success. :) here are some favorites off her new album, if you aren't familiar. but there are SO MANY. she's fabulous! a #redlipsbabe fa sho. champagne kisses tonight.. eeeii!