sex, cynicism + other small miracles

creating this new show has been an absolute joy thus far. my goal was to take spoken word and give it a theatrical context: to have a through-line, characters, intentions. to add lights and sound and costume. it's definitely challenged the ways i usually approach an original piece but in some ways, that is what i really love about making new work. you can only plan so much, everything is a bit more roll with the flow. you don't want to make decisions too early. you want the piece to really find it's own rhythm and message. and every day new ideas spark. every day more of the pieces come together. every day is a test of patience and faith. the boys are such talented writers and the context we have worked to give the story is inspiring. i truly can't wait to share the piece with the everyone. i love that i am not performing or that i didn't write it because i have an objectiveness that i am not used to. that's a new feeling to be sure! i'm not sure everyone knows what to expect but that is thrilling too. i hope you can all make it, because you are who we live to share these pieces with. BACK TO WORK!