Mia Romero

Executive producer, director, actor, writer

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Trained at the american Academy of dramatic arts in new york city. now living in melbourne.

Rlw exists to keep empathetic, engaging theatre alive and accessible, while proudly representing strong roles for women both onstage and off.

sweet things that have been said:

“Her boss and close friend Daniela is played with authenticity by total powerhouse Mia Romero.”

"As the spitfire salonista-with-a-heart-of-gold, Daniela (Mia Romero) commands the stage as she advocates for a Carnaval Del Barrio.”

“Romero and MacDougall Jones have created a powerful script that creates compelling material and characters around the mythological figures. Each actress also tackles the dramatic material well, embodying the extreme emotional range with authenticity.”

Mia Romero’s “Carmen del Rio” is memorable.”

“This show is ahh-mazing and so much of what we need now in San Francisco! Incredibly intelligent, funny, raw, honest to the point of tears (both through humor, tragedy, and sadness of the current environment of losing our space both queer, artist, and political), activists, academics... go to the theatre this weekend!” — Kate Cabot, audience member, Sex, Cynicism and Other Small Miracles